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Our visiting specialist urologist qualified in medicine in Spain, but completed his specialist training in urology in the UK

He obtained a consultant urologist post within the NHS before returning to Spain. His extensive specialist experience, both in the NHS and in the Spanish Social Security, place him as one of the top specialists in his field in the area.

Consultations involve a clinical examination and when required an ultrasound scan of the kidneys, bladder or prostate. Trans-rectal ultrasound scanning gives a more detailed image of the prostate, allowing for improved diagnosis or guided biopsies. These are all carried out by the specialist doctor within the practice. A urine flow test can also be performed instantly if required.

The results obtained from these investigations allow for the diagnosis of conditions such as kidney stones, enlarged prostate glands, prostate cancer and or even suspected bladder cancer.

Referrals to this specialty will may benefit from a blood test to check PSA or a urine test to check for abnormal cells prior to the consultation. An open discussion with the urologist, regarding the different diagnostic possibilities and the various treatment options, allow the patient to be fully involved in his personal health care plan.

We offer cystoscopy services in our practice endoscopy suite. This gives the urologist a direct view of the bladder and the possibility of a biopsy of the bladder for early diagnosis of bladder cancer. The urologist may also carry out prostatic biopsies for a full assessment of suspect prostate cancer. These investigations can be carried out with intravenous sedation when required.