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Our clinical cardiologist provides the latest evidence based advice for diagnosis and treatment of all cardiological conditions.

In order to support the work carried out by the GP and the psychiatrist in this field, we offer regular psychological consultations and treatments within the practice. Our visiting psychologist benefits from significant international working experience, including 7 years of professional work in the UK.

Therapy should offer a balance between a supportive approach and a critical discussion, in order to achieve a change in patients’ emotional state. Our patient feedback regularly confirms this professionalism in our psychologist. Furthermore her broad background allows for an eclectic approach in order to individualize patient treatment.

Her areas of specialization include addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder and family therapy.

Conditions such as certain forms of depression will sometimes respond to psychological therapy without needing to resort to medication, alternatively therapy will accelerate the improvements achieved by anti-depressant medications. Other problems such as disrupted family dynamics, anxiety or phobias can also be addressed by a psychologist with a high proportion of patients responding successfully. Personality disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and other neurosis will often require psychological support.