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This is an area of medicine which is advancing day to day, with new diagnoses and treatments being discovered on a regular basis. Within our medical practice we can offer a regular psychiatric outpatient service. Our young female psychiatrist offers the latest diagnostic methods and treatments.

Depression & Anxiety – This is one of the commonest diagnoses made by in daily general practitioner clinics and although this is often treated by GPs, the detailed pharmacological knowledge of a psychiatrist will often provide the key to a beneficial result in the patient’s condition.

Psychotic Disorders – The more severe symptoms expressed by these conditions will usually require the services of a psychiatrist. Within our practice we can offer outpatient diagnoses of these conditions as well as inpatient referrals, with inpatient treatments in local clinics, by the same psychiatrist.

Behavioural Problems – The spectrum of new diagnoses causing behavioural problems is currently very broad. Our specialist can carry out formal testing or other assessments for conditions such as ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Personality Disorders and other neuroses.

Often the key to a successful result in the treatment of psychiatric conditions is the coordination of multiple therapies, such as psychological treatments, pharmacological therapy and family support. The psychiatrist is in regular contact with the relevant psychologist and GP to attempt to obtain the best possible outcome.