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Musculoskeletal symptoms are probably among the most frequent reasons for a consultation to a general practitioner. Access to a specialized orthopaedic opinion at relative short notice is often essential to a prompt resolution of the underlying pathology.

Our visiting orthopaedic surgeon has extensive experience in orthopaedic surgery in both private and public healthcare system. In addition to general bone and joint surgery, he obtained a specialized postgraduate degree in hand and foot surgery.

Our weekly orthopaedic clinic appointments allow time for a full discussion on chronic musculoskeletal problems or joint replacement surgery. Furthermore the acute treatment of relatively minor problems is frequently addressed on site.

This can range from a steroid infiltration of a localised ligamentous inflammation to a joint infiltration with other non-steroidal medications.

Diagnosis of a superficial musculoskeletal problem such as a bursitis or a tendonitis, often requires confirmation by ultrasound scanning. This is performed regularly when required during a consultation. All superficial infiltrations are performed under ultrasound guidance.