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Nursing Care

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The nursing care in our practice is of great importance and we consider it essential to the excellence in the care we aim to provide. Our practice nurse is extremely experienced and offers all the relevant nursing services required in a primary care outpatient setting.

Routine nursing services include taking blood samples, performing ECGs or 72 hour ECGs, and blood pressure monitoring. In addition our practice nurse offers significant expertise in the treatment and follow up care of chronic wounds and ulcers.

Acute nursing care is offered to patients who have sustained recent injuries such as minor cuts or grazes. Furthermore the nurse is always on standby for asthmatic patients needing nebulized bronchodilator therapy.

We offer Vaccination Programs to all children following the professional advice given to parents. We also discuss the different recommendations and requirements arising from the schedules in individual countries. (All the advices & prescriptions are given by ours doctors)

Travel vaccinations are administered on a regular basis for travel to all parts of the world (All the advices & prescriptions are given by ours doctors). Exceptions to these are Yellow Fever and Japanese Encephalitis, which are only available at government vaccination centers.

Nurse consultations are extremely helpful in the care of the elderly or handicapped patients. These are held in a relaxed and informal setting and are often followed by a nurse visit at home, to help implement the recommendations.

Our practice nurse not only acts as our principle medical coordinator, she is always available to listen to patients and their problems, especially for those that feel intimidated by doctors!