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Inpatient Alcohol Detoxification

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Stopping Alcohol and certain other drugs can potentially cause dangerous medical problems such as epileptic type seizures and hallucinations such as in Delirium Tremens.

Some patients will be considered to be at high risk of developing these complications due to the duration of regular alcohol consumption and the quantities ingested. These patients will require a hospital admission, in order to receive the appropriate medication to prevent these problems and allow the patient to stop alcohol in a safe and controlled environment. Our practice will organise and supervise these treatments in a local clinic that provides a comfortable and secure medical supervision for the process.

Following detoxification, we can arrange for a seamless transfer to a rehabilitation unit (subject to bed availability), such that the detoxification is immediately followed by an inpatient psychological program.

This would be a specialised rehabilitation program to assess and treat both the psychological and the psychiatric aspects of the patient’s addiction.

During detoxification the patient will be admitted to a local clinic with 24 hours medical supervision and nursing care. Dr. Triay will visit the patient twice a day to adjust the dosage of the various medications, in order to make the process as medically safe, and as comfortable to the patient, as possible. A specialised psychologist will also assist the patient on a daily basis by introducing the fundamental psychological concepts to the patient and to initiate his psychological rehabilitation. Concepts such as Denial, Acceptance, Coping Skills, Honesty and Trauma are broached during this stage of care.