Offering English speaking GPs along with a variety of other medical Services, at Triay Medical Centre we will make sure you are looked after with the personalized attention and excellent standard of service offered to each and every one of our patients.
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Our gynaecological services are offered mainly by our female GP who is dedicated solely to gynaecological issues within general practice. Her extensive experience in a dedicated clinic in Madrid allowed her to specialize in the diagnosis, supervision and treatment of the more frequent medical problems affecting female patients.

We aim to offer an extensive medical assessment within the first consultation. The will involve a medical history and examination as well as a gynaecological examination, cervical cytology and an endo-vaginal ultrasound scan.

Our ongoing attempts to offer the latest techniques to improve on our diagnostic accuracy, have led us to offer “liquid cytology” on all our cervical smears. This technique not only improves the diagnostic sensitivity of the sample taken, but also allows for a Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) test to be performed after the sample is obtained. This saves a second consultation for further HPV testing if needed. Accurate HPV strain identification is obtained from the same sample.

Contraceptive advice is offered on a regular basis. The numerous types of contraception are offered to each patient and specific advice is given to suit every woman’s age, lifestyle and status. At present the method of choice can be a tablet, a patch, a vaginal ring, a three monthly injection, a subcutaneous implant or an intrauterine device (coil).

Menopausal symptoms are a common reason for consultation and once again personalized advice is offered considering the patient’s needs, medical and family history. Concerns such as risk of breast cancer or risk of thrombosis are openly discussed during the consultation.

Having obtained a postgraduate degree in sexuality and sexual problems for both men and women, she offers therapy and specific advice on conditions such as anorgasmia, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, diminished libido and erectile dysfunction.

We will organize for a specialist gynaecologist consultation whenever required.