Offering English speaking GPs along with a variety of other medical Services, at Triay Medical Centre we will make sure you are looked after with the personalized attention and excellent standard of service offered to each and every one of our patients.
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General Practice

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Our family physicians/doctors aim to offer the broad spectrum of professional medical advice expected of a modern day general practice.

Our consultations last up to 30 minutes, this permits the patient to express all their health concerns in a relaxed manner. Following a medical examination, a treatment or investigation plan is discussed with the patient. Any specialist requirements are then organized and coordinated.

Prevention medicine is utmost in our medical care agenda. We strive to advise patients on lifestyle changes or relevant medication to maintain a quality of life in the future. Our prevention recommendations are based on the latest international guidelines. The patient is fully informed so that their treatment decisions are evidence based.

In-house services offering results within 10 minutes*:

  • Lipid profiles including total, HDL and LDL cholesterols
  • HbA1C (Average glucose over 3 months) for diabetic control
  • INR values for anticoagulant (Warfarin) dosage control

* Our machines are calibrated and checked by an independent registered laboratory

Home blood pressure monitoring. This can be a 24hr Blood Pressure Monitor or a Blood Pressure App with downloadable readings directly to our medical centre. Soon we will be able to offer home glucose apps and home ECG apps that download results directly to our medical centre.

Mental health forms a significant part of general practice in modern day society. Conditions such as learning difficulties in children, ADHD in both children and adults, depression, anxiety, addictions, personality disorders and dementia are being diagnosed more frequently. With the advent of new treatments for these conditions, our GPs provide the first step to assess, diagnose and treat these delicate issues.

Specialist Doctors attend the practice on a regular basis. This allows our GPs direct contact with the relevant specialist and hence access to latest treatments and medical therapies. Furthermore our GPs attend regular refresher courses on an annual basis.