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Endocrinology (Hormone Specialist)

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Hormones are produced in numerous glands within our body. For example Insulin is produced in the pancreas and its malfunction causes Diabetes.

The Pituitary gland in our brain produces hormones such as ACTH to control our cortisone production from the adrenal glands, TSH to control our thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland, and other hormones to control our growth and sexual development. Endocrinology is the study of these hormones and their abnormal functioning, which cause diseases such as Diabetes, Thyroid problems and Cholesterol problems.

Our endocrinologist doctor is internationally famed for his research in Diabetes and the discovery of a form of monogenic diabetes. He holds a post as research professor at Copenhagen University, specializing in the genetic aspects of diabetes.

Diabetes is a complex medical condition with fast changing aspects in its care. We offer specialist diabetic consultations coordinated with an instant HbA1C result, chiropody and nutritional advice. We soon hope to introduce a glucose monitoring app for the patient to download results directly to our clinical system.

Thyroid symptoms are very insidious in there onset and very non-specific. Complaints such as significant tiredness or hair loss are often related to thyroid disease. Extensive blood testing with an instant thyroid ultrasound scan within our practice, will help confirm underlying thyroid problems.

Other conditions treated by our endocrinologist doctor include metabolic syndromes relating to obesity, persistently raised cholesterol levels, excess or lack of cortisone production and low levels of testosterone.

Among other specialist tests are genetic testing for statin intolerance.