“Most members of my family have consulted Dr Triay or Dr Lourdes Peralta. Both doctors are absolutely fantastic. They are thorough and 100% professional. They have outstanding patient care and have always diagnosed correctly and prescribed medicine, that has precipitated a speedy recovery. GREAT!”

 “We have been registered as patients for some 5 years. All my family have had consultations with Dr Triay and Dr Lourdes Peralta. They are 100% professional and excellent. I cannot give higher praise.”

 “We always take our kids to see Dr. Triay at The Medical Centre in San Pedro. He is a general practitioner, but we have been seeing him for the last 7 years and have been very happy with his treatment of our kids.  I also take all my guests who are on holiday to see him if they need to see a doctor and they all coming out with glowing praise for him, his treatment and bedside manner.”

 “We have been taking our family to The Medical Centre since we moved here in 2005. Friends of ours recommended Dr. Triay for our kids and as a general practitioner and Dr. Jurado for gynaecology.

Anytime I have guests in town who are get sick or have children who get injured or need medical attention, I always bring them here. Every time my friends tell me how grateful they are and impressed with the care they have been given. Dr.Triay has a fantastic bedside manner and immediately makes you feel comfortable and confident with his decisions and recommendations.

Also, I cannot praise Head Nurse Patricia Mollahan enough. One time I sliced a good chunk of my finger off and her attention, bedside manner, expertise and professionalism immediately put me at ease. She was a pro at changing my bandages and keeping pain at bay. She has also been administering vaccinations to my children ever since we arrived and has been a whiz at this as well. A very caring and loving nurse!”

 “We’ve seen Dr Nigel Lewis at the San Pedro Medical Centre. I can only say wonderful things about him and the rest of the staff there.”

 “ This is a great place where all my family go. The reception staffs are great, Chantel is lovely! Dr Triay is great and very welcoming and the lady who is the gyno (I can’t remember her name) is also lovely. No complaints about this clinic at all.”