Detoxification Unit

triay medical centre offers  substance-abuse-patients the possibility of a hospitalized inpatient detoxification program in the south of Spain.
The hospital is a small 12 bedded unit which is staffed by in-house physicians, 24 hours a day.
Within the hospital is a high dependency unit that is activated instantly by the emergency staff when required. In addition there are surgical units, endoscopy facilities, X-rays and CT scanning.  As part of the permanent team, the hospital also has a pharmacist and a laboratory analyst. The nursing staffs offers of an extremely high standard of professional care to the patient, while maintaining a humane and gentle approach.
All this is encompassed in a small building with beautifully landscaped gardens that allow for a peaceful mental recovery from the anguish of addiction and substance abuse. The treatment unit is hence ideal for those patients who are motivated to embark on a successful recovery program.

The unit director, Dr. Charles Triay, has 25 years of experience in the field of addiction and  detoxification, involving out-patient assessments and detoxification, methadone programs, therapeutic communities and in-patient detoxification. The addiction counselor: Roxanne Claude, Ph D, is ICADC II trained. Her main methods of treatment are CBT, motivational therapy and introduction to 12 step programs.

Following inpatient treatment, patients are most often referred to a rehabilitation centre to complete a 4 week treatment plan but in certain circumstances they have remained within the hosital for a full rehabilitation program.